by Scott Ried

So many questions about the future of ICW currently plague the minds of fans. Will Mark Dallas lose control of the company? Will anyone be able to stop the NAK? Will Joe Coffey and his team-mates succeed in their mission to "Save Pro-Wrestling?"

Amongst all this uncertainty, a new question has arisen which has fan speculation at an all-time high: Who is David the Beloved?

Less than a week ago, fans were simply told that "The Chosen One Has Arrived", and that he would make his presence known on August 25th. With this news, fans have tried desperately to discover who this mysterious man is, and what his plans are for ICW.

Today, insanewrestling.co.uk was contacted by the enigmatic David, who gave us a brief insight into his plans. When asked why he has chosen to come to ICW, David simply answered: "David the Beloved didn't choose to come to ICW. I had no choice. My children were crying out to me, crying out to hear my voice."

By answering his calling from the ICW fans, David's mission is clear, at least to himself at this point. Insanewrestling.co.uk was keen to find out exactly what David hopes to achieve in ICW. His mission is not based on hope however; as he truly believes he is the man to save the ICW fans. He claimed: "I WILL bring salvation to the ICW masses. Whether they realise it or not, the people, my children, have lost their way and I am the only one that can guide them down the righteous path."

Before he was called off to continue his work elsewhere, David the Beloved assured everyone that he is excited about appearing before his new flock, saying "I'm always happy to address my congregation, be it many, or simply just a 1 to 1 Worship session back at The Church of The Beloved. I know my Children cannot wait to feel my presence!"

Little may yet be known about David the Beloved, but he appears determined and willing to carry out his mission, and get ICW on the road to salvation. How he will succeed in this, however, remains a mystery for now.

Be sure to witness the coming of David the Beloved at ICW: Dave's Not Here Man, on August 25th at the Edinburgh Picture House! Tickets on sale now!