30 Minute Iron Man Match
Joe Coffey [1] defeats Jack Gallagher [0]

ICW Heavyweight Title Match
Drew Galloway (c) defeats Chris Renfrew

Steel Cage Match
Wolfgang defeats BT Gunn

ICW Heavyweight Title #1 Contendership Square Go 30 Man Royal Rumble
Dickie Divers defeats Adam Carrel and Carmel and Chris Renfrew and Christopher Saynt and Coach Trip and Damo and Dave Conrad and Davey Boy and David Campbell Thomson and David Devlin and Euan G. Mackie and Grado and Jack Gallagher and Jackie Polo and Joe Hendry and Kenny Williams and Kid Fite and Layla Rose and Lewis Girvan and Lou King Sharp and Mark Coffey and Martin Kirby and Mikey Whiplash and Nathan Black and Sha Samuels and Solar and Stevie Boy and Tim Wylie and Viper

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